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pharma& is committed to ensuring patients┬┤ access to well-established original specialty care medicines. The company operates within a network of own subsidiaries, affiliated companies and partnerships worldwide in order to secure sustainable product availability in markets around the world.

interferons – conductors of the immune response

Interferon-like substances were a natural part of human evolution for 500 million years. One of the main focuses of pharma& is the further development of interferons for the use in clinical practice. In the last 15 years, interferons have experienced their second or third renaissance. pharma& is not only investing in the development of further indications for type I-III interferons but is also establishing a new innovative production facility for recombinant proteins close to Vienna.

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medical requests

As a pharmaceutical company we are always interested to partner with healthcare professionals to improve the medical outcome for their patients. If you are a medical doctor and have a medical information request, please contact us at: medinfo@pharmaand.com