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pharma& enters into a Strategic Partnership with Heritage Biologics Aimed at Improving Patient Access and Care .

Vienna, Austria and Kansas City, Missouri, USA on 30 July 2021.

zr pharma& GmbH (“pharma&”) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, pharma& U.S. Inc., has entered into an agreement with Heritage Biologics, LLC (“Heritage Biologics”) acquiring 50% of the company’s shares.

Heritage Biologics and pharma& (advised by E3 Life) emphasized the strategic nature of the transaction, which offers substantial growth opportunities as well as synergies in securing access and improving clinical outcomes for patients with complex, often chronic, and rare conditions.

Tom O’Neill, owner and CEO of Heritage Biologics stated: “We look forward to fully leveraging pharma&’s network, its product acquisition pipeline, and access to capital to execute on Heritage Biologics’ ambitious growth plans.”

Elmar Zagler and Frank Rotmann, co-owners and officers of pharma& mentioned: “After intense scouting we are thrilled to have found in Heritage Biologics a US partner offering a strong foothold for our existing business together with significant upside potential in creating value for our stakeholders and patients alike”.

About Heritage Biologics:

Heritage Biologics is a home-infusion specialty pharmacy that specializes in the treatment of rare and chronic diseases. Our founders, unsatisfied with their own experiences and failures as rare-disease patients, understood that the only way to achieve higher outcomes and a better quality of life is through patient-centric care. Our team developed the world’s first pharmacy patient experience program, and from there, Heritage was born. From creating our own patient portal and data platform that provides care teams with real-time health analytics, to augmented reality devices that can help ensure better venous access, we have implemented tools that have engraved our legacy as pioneers in value based healthcare. For more information, please visit

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pharma& is a privately owned company, aiming at satisfying needs for niche, original, Specialty Care products.

Our commitment to patient access for well-established original Specialty Care medicines and our worldwide presence of own subsidiaries, affiliated companies and partnerships, secure sustainable product availibilty in markets around the world.

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After having acquired multiple products in various therapeutic areas and having established a profound base to secure patient access and to supply products across the entire European Landscape we have expanded our footprint to serve patients around the world.

We are proud of our “every patient counts” commitment and our strong partnership network.

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All of us have been trained over decades in Top Tier Global Pharmaceutical Companies, coming together as a team, committed and enjoying to grow together.


Supported by our trusted network of highly qualified service providers and experts, we want to shape our future and to leave footprints for the benefits of our patients, their caregivers and our stakeholders.

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Frank Rotmann

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" Throughout my 20+ years

in the industry, I have developed a track record in building

and developing organisations

for growth! "


Elmar Zagler

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" Having started my career in Finance, I know how to optimize businesses and

how to leverage

networks & alliances! "

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