Many medical conditions are well served by proven medicines. Patients living with such diseases depend on the reliability, availability and quality of these medicines. pharma& ensures that such proven medicines will be available in the future, even if original suppliers discontinue their production and distribution. We acquire the rights of the drugs to keep them available in healthcare markets worldwide.


information on Pegasys® for patients living in the USA

Thank you for your interest in Pegasys®. pharma& recognizes that this is a very important medication for patients and therefore has established a Patient Assistance Program for underserved patients who do not have access to it under their health insurance coverage and face financial challenges.

If you are in need and are lacking access to Pegasys®, you are welcome to contact us at the pharma& Patient Assistance Program (download application form). We thank you for your patience as we work through the steps to getting this product made available to you.