pharma&, a privately owned global company, was founded in 2017 by joint managers Frank Rotmann and Elmar Zagler. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, pharma& is an agile and adaptable organization capable of responding to business priorities in real-time with approximately 200 team members working across ten countries. The pharma& team comprises highly experienced industry experts who are accountable, operate freely with an entrepreneurial mindset, and bring a shared dedication to breathe new life into proven medicines.

Frank Rotmann, Founder and Managing Director

Frank Rotmann

“The pharma& team’s focus over the last five years has led to the acquisition and integration of 10-plus essential medicines that address patient needs across various specialized therapy areas, including hematology and oncology.”

Elmar Zagler, Founder and Managing Director

Elmar Zagler

“Since the beginning, pharma& has leveraged a unique approach to produce and promote a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, ensuring healthcare providers and eligible patients have continued long-term access to our portfolio of proven medicines.”