patient information USA / Pegasys

Thank you for your interest in Pegasys.  pharma& recognizes that this is a very important medication to patients and is seeking permission to distribute and market this product under our umbrella to keep it available for patients in need.  Once pharma& receives all approvals we do intend to have a patient assistance program for those underserved patients who do not have access through their insurance and have a financial challenge.

The timeframe for receiving approval and having a program available is
April 11, 2022.  We are excited to serve the patients at that time and you may contact the pharma& Patient Foundation after that time.

How to apply to the pharma& Patient Foundation?

Step 1
Please download and comlete page 1 of the "pharma& Patient Foundation Enrollment Form" and sign and date and provide it to your physician to complete the next step.


Step 2
Please ask your physician to complete page 2 along with the prescription information signing with original signatures (no stamps).


Step 3
Please fax the completed Enrollment Form to:  833-313-8348

Download Link

pharma& Patient Foundation Enrollment Form

Contact by phone: 855-443-7028